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Hot Ankara Bakery & B.B.Q. LLC

Hot Ankara Bakery & B.B.Q. LLC was founded in 2008 as a limited liability company, under Commercial Registration No 39845, and Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agricultural Registration No 334

The Hot Ankara Bakery & B.B.Q. LLC Restaurant is located at 34 – Madinat Khalifa South – 920 Al Faihani Street – Doha Qatar (near “Al Meera”). The location can be reached through Google Maps at (25.318852, 51.483353).

The Hot Ankara Bakery & B.B.Q. LLC Restaurant serves a delicious fragrance culinary delights of Turkish cuisine, such as different types of pies, pizza, shawarma, meat and chicken which is a savory delectable grilled on a natural charcoals, and last but not least a tasty appetizers reflecting the savor of the traditional Turkish cuisine.

Staff, mostly from Turkey, have high skill and capacity of professionalism. They worked for many years in various region in Turkey before they join the Hot Ankara Bakery & B.B.Q. LLC Restaurant.

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